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Rockford Homes, Inc. v. Violet Township Consent Decree

The Consent Decree permits Rockford to build 239 homes on Tollgate Rd. Details of the Consent Decree as well as the planned subdivision layout are available here. Rockford Homes and Violet Township Consent Decree Rockford Sycamore Grove Plot Plan

Zoning Commission Votes on Zoning Changes July 19, 2022

Zoning Commission to Vote on Major Zoning Changes, July 19th, 2022   Important changes to the zoning code and zoning map will be the subject of the next Zoning Commission Meeting on July 19th.  This is likely the final public meeting and a critical opportunity for the public to speak.  The proposed amendments can now […]

More Warehouses on the Way

Did you know? There are 15 to 20 warehouses proposed in southern Violet Township and around Canal Winchester. Just think of the traffic problems! The newest warehouse project is proposed at Busey & Diley roads. What we need is smart development, not more of the same. Just how many warehouses are needed? If you think […]

Violet’s Future

Will Residents See the Future They Want? What: In 2021, Violet Township undertook an update of the 2005 Violet Township Land Use and Transportation Plan with the help of MS Consultants and a Citizens Steering Committee.   Since 2005, the township has undergone a tremendous surge in housing developments but little commercial development.  The new plan […]

County Commissioner Jeff Fix Trashes Trustee Wilde

County Commissioner Jeff Fix Trashes Trustee Wilde Mr. Fix, on FaceBook, belittles Melissa Wilde for re-election while saying it’s not personal or political. Excuse me, it is exactly that. Violet Residents for Responsible Development, VR4RD, takes issue with his 4 main points as follows: (1) He states: “I served for two years on Pickerington City […]

Trustee Melissa Wilde Promotes Plan for Township

In denying Rockford Homes’ application last January, Trustee Melissa Wilde, besides voting no, made a public statement, part of which appears here: “An incredibly valid concern is our vision, growth in commercial base, and character of our community. This is always a comment that I hear and I agree. Pickerington and Violet Township long ago […]

Community Workshop 7 Oct at Wigwam

Violet Township Comprehensive Plan The township is updating its 2005 Land Use Plan with the help of MS Consultants and a 10-member citizens’ steering committee. A community workshop will be held October 7th from 6-9pm at the Wigwam. Residents of the unincorporated township will shortly receive a postcard inviting them to attend.Trustees’ announcement of the […]

Violet Residents Petition for Zoning Code Change Fails to Make the Ballot

September 13, 2021 the Fairfield County Board of Elections declined to hear the Violet Residents for Responsible Development evidence-based challenge of their denial of our referendum initiative petition.The Board cites, among other reasons, there was no statutory processes for a referendum proponent to challenge a finding by the county board of election that a petition […]