More Warehouses on the Way

More Warehouses on the Way

Did you know?

There are 15 to 20 warehouses proposed in southern Violet Township and around Canal Winchester. Just think of the traffic problems! The newest warehouse project is proposed at Busey & Diley roads. What we need is smart development, not more of the same. Just how many warehouses are needed?

If you think all those semi trucks will only use Highway 33, you’re mistaken, especially when 33 is already traffic congestion central. When those truckers need to get up to I-70, a common route, they will try other roads, ending up on Refugee, Diley and 256 driving through our neighborhoods, creating more congestion. Our roads will crumble under the strain of 100 to 200 semi trucks PER WAREHOUSE PER DAY….and we taxpayers are left paying the bill……while warehouse developers make their millions and move on.

Are We Surrounded?

We’re being surrounded with warehouses, by Amazon to the north, with the most recent one on Tollgate Rd….and now also in the south. These are low paying jobs that will be more automated with robots in the future. Not good job opportunities for our children and grandchildren. Not smart development, like Intel.

If you agree we need diversity in new development, rather than placing all our eggs in one basket, the warehouse industry, please get engaged in your local communities. Please speak up before it’s too late. Call your representatives; attend your council and trustee meetings. Let your voice be heard.

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