Trustee Melissa Wilde Promotes Plan for Township

Trustee Melissa Wilde Promotes Plan for Township

In denying Rockford Homes’ application last January, Trustee Melissa Wilde, besides voting no, made a public statement, part of which appears here:

“An incredibly valid concern is our vision, growth in commercial base, and character of our community. This is always a comment that I hear and I agree. Pickerington and Violet Township long ago should have placed importance on bringing in commercial development instead of allowing the rampant growth at the very beginning. Property could have been zoned better, set aside and prioritized starting around the 90’s.

I am committing here today to have a plan and vision completed by the end of this year. We will have a fresh land use plan that reflects our values. We will have a clean zoning code that works for us. I can not walk back 30 years and make things right, but I can accept responsibility today and ask for your continued passionate partnership for tomorrow.”

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